Do my eyes deceive me?!

Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God...

Ruza actually went over to my work space, picked up the bed and bunny I've been working on, gently carried it over to her little toy house(while looking over her shoulder to make sure I wasn't going to stop her), and set it down with all of her other things to admire.  She just sat there and looked proudly as if this completed the scene.  That scene being a bunch of little animals scattered chaotically outside her little dollhouse...but no matter.  It was HER scene, and she needed something I made to be a part of it.  This is a first for me.  This is a dream come true.  It may not seem like much.. but for a girl who avoids my handmades like the plague, often pushing them away with an "aghck!" this was a giant leap forward.

Seconds later she leaped up to get dressed her uniform, a Jessi the cowgirl costume with pink Elvis-esque pilot sunglasses, and play with her kitchen set in a different room... but I have proof of that one tiny sliver of a moment.  Photographic evidence.  And if she never touches one of my creations again, I will cling to this picture...and that moment, until my dying day.

It's there, just to the left of her.

I wasn't going to show this until it looked fabulous, covered in beautiful paper with bed clothes and all, but this moment was pretty darn fabulous, so what the's another:

Ugh, and yes, our Christmas tree is still up.  It's coming down this weekend.  I've had a hard time letting go this year.  Anyhow, here's to more light streaming into the house!  After the tree is gone we can rearrange our living room to be a living room, not centered around a TV.  I'm still trying to convince Kevy to work my sewing machine into the design.  So far he's not going for it.  hmpf.  I still have some work ahead of me, I suppose.  Wish me luck.