New Paintings I'm too afraid to paint

They're kind of in reverse order. I made the last one shown, first. I received such an amazing response at the Art vs. Craft show, that I was inspired to come home and draw again.

I knew I wanted to paint(or draw) I just didn't know where to start. I started riffling through some old drawings that I made into digital collages about two years ago. I thought I'd just play around and add another layer, paint on it and see where it took me. That's the last one pictured. All the above followed the same night. Just reworking something old opened a flood gate. I have a fifth in the making that I started today, but I've been sitting on all these since November. I guess I'm waiting for a quiet moment I can lay out all the paints on the table again without worrying about anybody bumping into it, causing a huge black brushstroke to go gliding across a face, or paint water spilling everywhere and flooding the paper.  Ahhhh, maybe in 5 or so years. Maybe.

Or maybe I thought actually photographing them, posting and writing about them to the public, would light a fire under me and grant a good dose of bravery. We'll see.