some days go this way...


Some days go swimmingly. The children busy themselves while I work away happily at something, I feel fulfilled, and it's a joy to serve them when they politely ask for whatever it is they need.

Other days go like this-

Me: Yay! I'm going to get work done!!

Ruza: no you're not. I'm going to poop all over then you're going to spend a good half hour cleaning up everything.

Me: Alright, a bit of a setback, but it happens. No problem, I have everything and everyone cleaned, bathed, laundry is churning...I'm going to work now! Yay!!!

Ruza: Umm....Well I just peed everywhere so good luck with that, sucker.

Me: (deep breath) Okay, I can handle this. I mean one after another doesn't seem so fair...but it's certainly not poop and we just got through that now didn't we?

Ruza: You know that glue that was left out?...

Me: stomping around at this point because I'm fed the frak up, but it's done and I'm going to effing WORK.

Kevin: I'm coming home for lunch now, what are we having.

Me: defeated.

Ahhhhhhhhh.....but these are the jerks whom I love and they are what drive me to do what I do with the utmost care and devotion. It will come. I will work. Thank the heavens and earth we are all healthy.