Pass on the pesticides


Since we asked our landlord to call of the spraying of our lawn three years has turned a brilliant and beautifully wild kind of green. We have two HUGE pine trees in our side yard, and when we moved in, nothing would grow under them. It was a barren brown landscape.
Now it's all abloom with wild violets, billowy clouds of clover, and some other lovely little purply wild flowers. Later in the summer when the spring flowers disappear, they are replaced with a spray if the daintiest white blossoms that look like twinkling stars scattered across a bright green beyond.

More ground coverage means more bugs, more bugs means more birds!! I love sitting by the window watching them busily collecting, but even more, I love watching my children watch them. When they call me over excitedly to watch with them, for a moment I feel like I did something really right.

I love the thought of our yard as a little community in itself, a refuge for wildlife from all the manicured lawns in the neighborhood.
Don't get me wrong--we keep it tidy, it's not all wild prairie...and if by tidy, we're talking about keeping the lawn mowed, and not about all the children's sticks and outside toys laying about(if we're talking about the later, then I guess it's not very tidy). But I feel like there's something more visually pleasing about a lawn made of a variety of lush greens, rather than just grass.

And I'm not going to lie, a MAJOR bonus is that I am gifted bouquets of flowers other than the run-of-the-mill dandelion(though I get plenty if those too;)).