Leanna Lin's WONDERLAND show!

YAY! I'm a Friend!! I am creating a plush diorama piece for the show...working my fingers to the bone to finish it up this weekend while I have help at home.

It's hard to concentrate on something else other than constantly checking to see if Eli is okay, or just being with him. It's not easy watching Kevin running around frustrated because he's being pulled from both sides by both children...but then I remember that I do it every day, just the same, all by myself. And my work is important too. I think it's really hard for mothers who are artists to be kind to ourselves and remember that our work is important too. Lets try harder to accept help when we can. :)

Do I need to take my own advise on this? Absolutely. I feel incredibly guilty taking ANY time to myself. Even when the kids are quiet and watching a movie or behaving perfectly. Even when I witness Kevin move through our daily tasks with such ease-better than myself. I still feel like I need to be there helping, doing something. But for real, our work is important too. Not to mention it's important for working fathers to spend some quality time with their children. I don't know where this guilt comes from, but I can't be the only one that feels it. Maybe it's just so amplified because of the delicate situation at hand.

Alright, I need to get back to work on my thang for the show and just stop over thinking it....because I'm really excited to be involved in this alongside some truly amazing artists.