4th of July

There was a boy with a loose tooth at a Fourth of July party who badly wanted corn on the cob. Anybody knows you can't celebrate the 4th without a cob, and everybody knows you can't enjoy a cob with a loose tooth. Gramma was happy to help, being the professional tooth yanker she is, and the 4th was saved(even though it was actually the 3rd).
There were water guns, kiddie pools, corn on the cob, melons, temporary tattoos, sparklers and lots and lots of family. Since we celebrated yesterday, I'm work work working today. Maybe we'll walk down to the lake for some standing-room-only fireworks later to round off the holiday with perfection...or maybe we will go to bed early since we're all still exhausted from yesterday. Either way, I'll be satisfied. Holidays with young children are always unpredictable, so it's best to not have any high expectations.
So Happy 4th fellow Americans, and Happy Monday to the rest of the world!