Annie and Bird


They are in California for the Wonderland show. I didn't really take any good pictures before they left me. I know, I'm kicking myself. I mean, I took a TON of pictures...just no good ones. They are all bad. Really BAD. I don't know what I was thinking.

Really, I wasn't thinking. I've been running on fumes over here. I'm lucky I got her finished up and shipped off. If I get her back, I'll devote some time to documenting her appropriately. Until then, I'll leave you with this farewell picture I took of them amongst pretty pink tissue getting all packed up.

The day before I finished them, Ruza took quite a liking to the little Radish. She told me her name is Bird, and I think that's pretty perfect. It was also the first time Ruza gave anything a name, so Bird is pretty special me...but I'm a sentimental fool.

I'm pretty thrilled with that little Fawn too. A lot of things I did on her were firsts for me. Her arms and legs are jointed, and she has glass eyes. Working on her was so inspiring and filled me with so many more ideas, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm getting excited. I'm planning out more patterns, and a few small batches of limited edition art dolls. Especially holiday specific themes. Halloween, I'm looking at you right now!!

Better get back to work. I have a few free patterns I'm working on getting up on the site soon, so I'm one busy mama. Unfortunately, with Eli's broken leg(he's still stuck in that wheelchair), things around here are not getting done as instantly as I'd like. Like I mentioned before, WAY more of my time is devoted to picking things up off the floor, which makes it difficult to work when your attention is needed in different directions every five minutes, but I'm learning. No, that's totally a sugarcoated lie. I really just gave up...but I have one day a week all to myself to cram everything I need to get done in, so lets hope I learn to make good use of my time.