I love Halloween until everyone starts decorating and it turns into a month of figuring out which roads I can't take if I want my kids to sleep at night.

I guess that means I love the thought of Halloween. A nice one. A Charlie Brown Special kind of Halloween. So around here? We keep it cute. I just don't find disgusting acceptable, especially around children. But I really didn't log on to rant, I logged on to show how I like to keep it silly with sweet little Trick or Treating Rabbits. I like to make funny little things my kids will remember fondly and warmly. Don't get me wrong, Spooky has an important place in this holiday...but I like to keep spooky things mysterious, not blatantly gross. 

For me, it's all about the kids. Of course when I was younger and without my own I didn't always give my surroundings a second thought, and I thought my mom was nuts for caring so much(I had a much younger brother and sister at home). But now I TOTALLY GET IT. She would say how different it was when she was younger (in the 60's) and everyone dressed up like a Charlie Brown Halloween special. Alright, so Charlie Brown was not in her exact description, it's just what I pictured when she spoke...but I'm totally sure it's accurate. However- clueless or not, I never liked anything scarey or gross myself. I've always been a sensitive kid, and I truly detest this whole stupid zombie craze. The old lady in me wants to yell "There are kids out there people. KEEP IT CLEAN, for crying out loud!"   

What can I do? I can keep it clean and cute. I can be a safe house with cute decorations on an iffy street and I can make adorable things. That is what I'm doing. That is what I wanted to show you. 

Anyway, that's alright. They can have their fun. I'm already dreaming about Christmas...