Around life lately

I watercolored on my bed

TV is gone. I gave it to my cousin, so there's no turning back..I mean, I'd have to be a total Jerk with a capital 'J' to change my mind now. Not going down that road. It's for the best.

Brunch with the mister at the Palamino. We used to blow so much money here when we thought we were rich because we didn't have any kids. Sigh. So much money. I don't regret it, we had good times.

I found a photo app that truly captures the essence of Ruza..

And we got a puppy, named her Suvi, and they are best buds. They both terrorize Eli the same way...steal his toys and run to get his attention.

Suvi loves me too.

This boy of mine..this beautiful boy. He's something else.

And through it all, this album has been playing. Nonstop.

I'm obsessed with this album. Completely obsessed. It reminds me of being little, coloring in She-Ra coloring books behind my mom's chair at the salon. Hanging out the window of her Toyota Tercel, stuck in traffic on a sweltering summer day, poppin' nerds. In other makes me feel really good. Beach House//Teen Dream

I will leave you with that thought, and this Beach House Song. It's from a different album, but it's one of my favorites. Do right by your ears and listen:

PS I post A LOT more on instagram. It's just so much easier to post my progress and finished pieces instantly. You can follow me there, or find me on statigram. There's always something new weekly, at least, if not Daily.