Works in progress

Necklaces!! Coming soon...and that lemon head does not have ears, there's just a bunny behind him! 

This squirrel has a jointed head(so does the sitting bunny, and kitty in the suit)...and I'm most excited about him-or her? I'm not sure yet, but I do know I'm going to be making a lot more since this one turned out so well. I LOVE squirrels, except when they're in my garden eating all my fruit and squash flowers, or yelling at me from the pine trees when we're in the back yard. Then I hate them. Other than that, they are C-U-T-E! 

On another note, sorry about all the instagram pics. With two small children at home, this is just the best way to get pictures of my works and works in progress out FAST. Really, it's the only way. This year we have the wonderful addition of neighbor kids running through the house, which I truly love...but with the size of my place, risking setting up the tripod with the DSLR could be disasterous. Not to mention the time it takes to edit shots. I'd never get anything out there if I were to be so picky.

Soon school will begin and I'll actually have 6 hours/3 times a week to WORK WORK WORK! I feel like I've been waiting four years for this, being a full time homemaker(yes I said homemaker, I'll express my love for that term some other time). I'm so excited...but trying not to be that excited. I just have to keep reminding myself to sit back, calm down, and enjoy these moments with the children--for summer, like childhood, is fleeting. I know for a fact that when they are back in school I'll miss them like crazy the first couple of weeks, be wishing it was summer again, and pretty much go out of my mind for a while with guilt for loving all my freetime, which will paralyze me creatively. Yes, I am that nuts. But eventually we'll settle into a nice routine and I'll have that much needed time to get working, plus we'll all appreciate eachother's company that much more for our time apart. When I have time to work, I'm a better mother. It's as simple as that...and that is why I refuse to feel guilty about being excited about school starting. Even though I still feel guilty. Ugh, stop being so stupid, Erin!!