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Annie and Bird


They are in California for the Wonderland show. I didn't really take any good pictures before they left me. I know, I'm kicking myself. I mean, I took a TON of pictures...just no good ones. They are all bad. Really BAD. I don't know what I was thinking.

Really, I wasn't thinking. I've been running on fumes over here. I'm lucky I got her finished up and shipped off. If I get her back, I'll devote some time to documenting her appropriately. Until then, I'll leave you with this farewell picture I took of them amongst pretty pink tissue getting all packed up.

The day before I finished them, Ruza took quite a liking to the little Radish. She told me her name is Bird, and I think that's pretty perfect. It was also the first time Ruza gave anything a name, so Bird is pretty special me...but I'm a sentimental fool.

I'm pretty thrilled with that little Fawn too. A lot of things I did on her were firsts for me. Her arms and legs are jointed, and she has glass eyes. Working on her was so inspiring and filled me with so many more ideas, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm getting excited. I'm planning out more patterns, and a few small batches of limited edition art dolls. Especially holiday specific themes. Halloween, I'm looking at you right now!!

Better get back to work. I have a few free patterns I'm working on getting up on the site soon, so I'm one busy mama. Unfortunately, with Eli's broken leg(he's still stuck in that wheelchair), things around here are not getting done as instantly as I'd like. Like I mentioned before, WAY more of my time is devoted to picking things up off the floor, which makes it difficult to work when your attention is needed in different directions every five minutes, but I'm learning. No, that's totally a sugarcoated lie. I really just gave up...but I have one day a week all to myself to cram everything I need to get done in, so lets hope I learn to make good use of my time.



Progress Report

I get bored easily. I can't just sit and do ONE thing. To break up the monotony of all those stitches, I like to take pretty pictures and send them through instagram filters to make them even prettier. Then I can really see my progress and it feels good enough to convince me to keep working.
So, back to work it is. This little guy needs arms and a sweater...not to mention, a companion.

Crocheting again

The early stages of a little French breakfast sprite. He’s the doll of an albino fawn(pictures coming soon!!)

Did you know that Wisconsin is known for our albino deer? There’s quite a large population in the northern parts of the state. That’s just one of the facts that keep this place magical for me through the looooooong winter months…but let’s not speak of winter now. It’s Summer! Glorious SUMMER! And on the 3rd day of July, it finally feels like it here. Finally.


I am so hooked on Instagram, it's not even healthy. It's my new favorite.
It's made keeping track of the prettiness that surrounds me while making SO much easier. This new wordpress app is pretty sweet too(and it's nice to have a phone that works) I see a very productive summer in my near future, because honestly? If it's not press-a-button EASY, I won't do it, and the blog gets lonely and neglected.
Since everything is quite literally at my fingertips now, hopefully I can get into the habit of frequent posts.
Anyway, here's what I've been doing lately....






Bunny Bed (do it yourself doll furniture)

So, I don't know anything about dollhouse scale, and the whole thing boggles my mind and gives me an instant headache if I start to try to think about it. Needless to say, I'm not going to.

This thing won't fit in any dollhouse, it's big.  Ten inches total--big enough for one bunny to get really comfy, or two to snuggle.

It will fit perfectly on a little girls nightstand though, and it will stand nicely in a corner devoted to messes and dolls and other precious little things.

And I have to apologize for the bad lighting and generally bad picture, but I just finished it and I'm way too excited about it to wait. It's Sunday night, we have a whole new busy week ahead of us, and who knows when I'll get another chance to make things look better. I have to work with what I have right now. It's certainly not perfected by any means, I see lots more beds being cut out in my future...but here it is. Here is what I have so far...

It's made with boxes from toys the kidos got for Christmas (a calico critters cottage and legos), and Basic Grey scrapbooking paper.

Is scrapbooking one word? The Mac is trying to say it isn't, but I believe it is. Anyway, there you have it. Most of it anyway. Bed clothes here I soon as my sewing machine finds a place of it's own. However, this may give me the excuse I've been looking for to make the bunnies a hand sewn paper pieced quilt. Pfft, who am I kidding? as if I need an excuse.

By the way, the whole affair was inspired by this:

From Little Golden Books "The Three Bears" - 1948
Illustrations by Feodor Rojankovsky

Photo and info via Ms. Bird

I have been reading this book to Ruza daily just so that my eyes can drink up all the amazing illustrations. So inspiring...all the vintage little golden books are. I mean, Richard Scary is probably the main reason I started making little clothed animals in the first place. I get my Little Golden Books for a buck at Half Price Books...and rummage sales or antique shops of course. Although, I'm not always that lucky at rummages(and antique shops can be a bit pricey), but I go to HPB a lot. I love that place.

And that's about it. Before I start rambling I'll say good night and have a good week. I'll be working on a better set up for pictures and more furniture, so please stay tuned!

P.S. The chair I'm working on has a space for the foxes' tail. Oh no, I haven't forgotten about the foxes.

Do my eyes deceive me?!

Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God...

Ruza actually went over to my work space, picked up the bed and bunny I've been working on, gently carried it over to her little toy house(while looking over her shoulder to make sure I wasn't going to stop her), and set it down with all of her other things to admire.  She just sat there and looked proudly as if this completed the scene.  That scene being a bunch of little animals scattered chaotically outside her little dollhouse...but no matter.  It was HER scene, and she needed something I made to be a part of it.  This is a first for me.  This is a dream come true.  It may not seem like much.. but for a girl who avoids my handmades like the plague, often pushing them away with an "aghck!" this was a giant leap forward.

Seconds later she leaped up to get dressed her uniform, a Jessi the cowgirl costume with pink Elvis-esque pilot sunglasses, and play with her kitchen set in a different room... but I have proof of that one tiny sliver of a moment.  Photographic evidence.  And if she never touches one of my creations again, I will cling to this picture...and that moment, until my dying day.

It's there, just to the left of her.

I wasn't going to show this until it looked fabulous, covered in beautiful paper with bed clothes and all, but this moment was pretty darn fabulous, so what the's another:

Ugh, and yes, our Christmas tree is still up.  It's coming down this weekend.  I've had a hard time letting go this year.  Anyhow, here's to more light streaming into the house!  After the tree is gone we can rearrange our living room to be a living room, not centered around a TV.  I'm still trying to convince Kevy to work my sewing machine into the design.  So far he's not going for it.  hmpf.  I still have some work ahead of me, I suppose.  Wish me luck.