I love Halloween until everyone starts decorating and it turns into a month of figuring out which roads I can't take if I want my kids to sleep at night.

I guess that means I love the thought of Halloween. A nice one. A Charlie Brown Special kind of Halloween. So around here? We keep it cute. I just don't find disgusting acceptable, especially around children. But I really didn't log on to rant, I logged on to show how I like to keep it silly with sweet little Trick or Treating Rabbits. I like to make funny little things my kids will remember fondly and warmly. Don't get me wrong, Spooky has an important place in this holiday...but I like to keep spooky things mysterious, not blatantly gross. 

For me, it's all about the kids. Of course when I was younger and without my own I didn't always give my surroundings a second thought, and I thought my mom was nuts for caring so much(I had a much younger brother and sister at home). But now I TOTALLY GET IT. She would say how different it was when she was younger (in the 60's) and everyone dressed up like a Charlie Brown Halloween special. Alright, so Charlie Brown was not in her exact description, it's just what I pictured when she spoke...but I'm totally sure it's accurate. However- clueless or not, I never liked anything scarey or gross myself. I've always been a sensitive kid, and I truly detest this whole stupid zombie craze. The old lady in me wants to yell "There are kids out there people. KEEP IT CLEAN, for crying out loud!"   

What can I do? I can keep it clean and cute. I can be a safe house with cute decorations on an iffy street and I can make adorable things. That is what I'm doing. That is what I wanted to show you. 

Anyway, that's alright. They can have their fun. I'm already dreaming about Christmas...


Works in progress

Necklaces!! Coming soon...and that lemon head does not have ears, there's just a bunny behind him! 

This squirrel has a jointed head(so does the sitting bunny, and kitty in the suit)...and I'm most excited about him-or her? I'm not sure yet, but I do know I'm going to be making a lot more since this one turned out so well. I LOVE squirrels, except when they're in my garden eating all my fruit and squash flowers, or yelling at me from the pine trees when we're in the back yard. Then I hate them. Other than that, they are C-U-T-E! 

On another note, sorry about all the instagram pics. With two small children at home, this is just the best way to get pictures of my works and works in progress out FAST. Really, it's the only way. This year we have the wonderful addition of neighbor kids running through the house, which I truly love...but with the size of my place, risking setting up the tripod with the DSLR could be disasterous. Not to mention the time it takes to edit shots. I'd never get anything out there if I were to be so picky.

Soon school will begin and I'll actually have 6 hours/3 times a week to WORK WORK WORK! I feel like I've been waiting four years for this, being a full time homemaker(yes I said homemaker, I'll express my love for that term some other time). I'm so excited...but trying not to be that excited. I just have to keep reminding myself to sit back, calm down, and enjoy these moments with the children--for summer, like childhood, is fleeting. I know for a fact that when they are back in school I'll miss them like crazy the first couple of weeks, be wishing it was summer again, and pretty much go out of my mind for a while with guilt for loving all my freetime, which will paralyze me creatively. Yes, I am that nuts. But eventually we'll settle into a nice routine and I'll have that much needed time to get working, plus we'll all appreciate eachother's company that much more for our time apart. When I have time to work, I'm a better mother. It's as simple as that...and that is why I refuse to feel guilty about being excited about school starting. Even though I still feel guilty. Ugh, stop being so stupid, Erin!! 



More animals, more furniture. Chairs made of basswood & paper. 

I'm trying to figure out lately the best way to make this all available. I have more patterns floating around in my head, and little scenes with all the animals(not to mention, so many more animals...working on those patterns as you read this). I'd really like to put it all together in a book. Maybe I'll start working on that...if I can figure out how, or where to start.



Around life lately

I watercolored on my bed

TV is gone. I gave it to my cousin, so there's no turning back..I mean, I'd have to be a total Jerk with a capital 'J' to change my mind now. Not going down that road. It's for the best.

Brunch with the mister at the Palamino. We used to blow so much money here when we thought we were rich because we didn't have any kids. Sigh. So much money. I don't regret it, we had good times.

I found a photo app that truly captures the essence of Ruza..

And we got a puppy, named her Suvi, and they are best buds. They both terrorize Eli the same way...steal his toys and run to get his attention.

Suvi loves me too.

This boy of mine..this beautiful boy. He's something else.

And through it all, this album has been playing. Nonstop.

I'm obsessed with this album. Completely obsessed. It reminds me of being little, coloring in She-Ra coloring books behind my mom's chair at the salon. Hanging out the window of her Toyota Tercel, stuck in traffic on a sweltering summer day, poppin' nerds. In other words...it makes me feel really good. Beach House//Teen Dream

I will leave you with that thought, and this Beach House Song. It's from a different album, but it's one of my favorites. Do right by your ears and listen:

PS I post A LOT more on instagram. It's just so much easier to post my progress and finished pieces instantly. You can follow me there, or find me on statigram. There's always something new weekly, at least, if not Daily.


The Show

Kim's stuff(relief printed and collaged shields--that fox one belongs to ME now!!)/Kim in front of my stuff at setup/Us.

It came down in March, and I find myself wondering how it's the end of April so soon, and what to do with myself now. What's next? More braids and foxes I suppose, until the next idea weasels its way in.

Hmmmm, weasels....

And exciting bit of news to keep the wheels in my braing turning... Faythe asked me to do the fall/winter mural for Sky High Gallery. My gut just about jumped in my throat and I said yes. I'll keep you posted on that. It's still just in the thought process now, it's quite a ways down the road. It is all mapped out in my head though, and I should probably start a lot sooner than I think, as I tend to be a last minute kinda gal, and autumn has a way of sneaking up on us quickly when our summers in Wisconsin are so short at sweet...

Auction piece

It's for the kids' school Auction. Pssst, don't tell anyone...but I really don't want to give it up. Alas, it IS for something I truly love. I just hope the bidder bids generously.
I also donated my services for a custom mural. That'll be exciting! However, it just occurred to me that nobody could bid on that one. I'd be off the hook and devastated all at once. Bid people! BID!! (I'm good, I swear, I will not disappoint...)

Art vs Craft

I finally had the guts to go ahead and paint the pattern on this lady. The print will be debuting at Art vs. Craft this Saturday...the original painting will be in a show in January. More on that later.

Makin' stuff

Needle felted dollhouse size babies for a craft fair at the kiddos' school. I'm going to have a hard time giving these away!! I'll have to buy a few back for some Christmas presents...